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Since the BWA makes it a priority to ensure the safety of its customers, partners, employees and suppliers, we have created this Covid-Proof charter.

In order to participate in the collective effort to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, please read this document and validate it.

We undertake to implement and enforce the following guidelines:

  1.  Floor marking: creating different areas to respect a social distance of 1.5 m between customers and between customers and staff (reception area and waiting area for meetings with staff), and to organise traffic to enable the physical separation of customers (distance of 1.5 m)
  2. Protection of staff and customers at the reception: Equipping the reception area with a transparent screen (minimum width of 1.5 m, height of 2 m), a transparent film or any other equipment that is equally effective to help respect social distancing rules
  3. Obligation to wear a face mask
  4. Planning fixed time slots for appointments such as contract signing, visits at the premises, etc.
  5. Providing hydroalcoholic gel (at least at the reception desk) and soap and disposable hand towels (if you have cloth towel dispensers, make them unavailable)
  6. When renting out workspaces: disinfect the workspace after each rental.
  7. Ventilating the rooms before and after renting as well as before, after and during cleaning.
  8. Cleaning of the premises: using clean cleaning equipment and accessories, cleaning the surfaces with a conventional cleaning product. Once cleaned, disinfecting the surfaces with a virucidal product in accordance with the EN 14476 standard or, failing this, diluted bleach (2.6%).

 Cleaning touch points first: 

  •  keys
  • door handles
  • window handles and sills
  • switches
  • backrests and seat edges
  • switches
  • work table
  • remote controls
  • soap dispensers
  • utensils that have not been washed in the dishwasher
  • dishwasher handle
  • fridge handle
  • condiments that have been made available
  • drawer handles
  • front door handles and edges
  • lift button
  • stair railing
  • pens, paperboard or any other equipment that has been made available to riders
  • jugs of water
  • thermos
  • toilet
  • waste bins
  1.  Hoover and machine-wash textile surfaces whenever possible
  2. Empty the hoover after each cleaning session. It must be disinfected after use and the bag must be thrown away.
  3. Communicate with customers and staff and encourage self-hygiene